Our History

Over 40 years ago, Hickenbottom Inc. was nothing more than a small time tiling operation run from a back yard. After a few years of experience, however, it was apparent that the tiling business needed a change – several prototypes and lots of blood, sweat, and tears later, the bright orange Hickenbottom inlet was born!

Since that day, Hickenbottom Inc. has grown to include a home base in its original location of Fairfield, Iowa as well as branches in Grinnell, Iowa and Branson, Missouri. Hickenbottom inlets have also been installed on and are available for projects in South America and Europe.

In the early 1990’s, Hickenbottom Inc. expanded its warehouses to include plumbing, heating, and air conditioning wholesale products. Soon after, radiant heating products, design, and installation was added to the Hickenbottom Inc. repertoire. With the addition of sister company Energy Management Engineering (EME), Hickenbottom Inc. has currently designed and installed plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, radiant heating, and other products on projects ranging from farm-based work buildings to large, city churches to assisted living centers.

If time has proven anything, it is that Hickenbottom Inc. is a company unafraid of change and growth. Yet, even though the direction our company travels has and might continue to change, we promise to always provide great customer service and products including the bright orange Hickenbottom® inlet and its accessories!