Silt Sock

Tile Tape

For over 40 years, the original, bright orange Hickenbottom® inlet has been the gold standard in agricultural and municipal drainage needs.  Now, with an expanded size and accessory product range, we are equipped to further support a multitude of your application’s requirements.  Whether you are concerned with farm field drainage, municipal water control, or wet land preservation, Hickenbottom® Inlet systems can help you achieve your goals.  Hickenbottom® Inlets and accessories provide the highest standards of innovation and quality in the industry… and we’re just getting started.

Reducers & Increasers

Don’t overlook our adaptable and configurable reducers and increasers to fine-tune your planned drainage system, or to adjust systems that have already been installed.

Founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of agricultural inlet systems, Hickenbottom® Inc. has grown from a seedling, tiling, and land improvement company into a multifaceted corporation featuring its cornerstone bright orange inlet systems and expanding subsidiary companies that include wide ranges of wellness, office, and supply products.